Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide) 
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Zirconium Oxide (Zirconia) (ZrO2)

Due to years of use of this material for dental reconstruction and its use in orthopedic, zirconium oxide is known to be highly biocompatible . This has been shown in a large number of clinical studies.

For my zirconium oxide (non titanium) implants I use Zeramex Dental Implants (click).

Zeramex Zirconium oxide (non-metal, non-titanium) dental implant

For patients who want traditional titanium implants I use Straumann Dental Implants (click).

How dental implants can replace teeth:

An implant supported crown.

An implant supported non-removable bridge.

An implant supported removable denture.

Zirconium oxide has comparable bone integration to commercially pure titanium. Sennerby et al. (Gothenburg, Sweden) have shown in an animal study that the removal torque of zirconium oxide implants with a rough surface is comparable after 6 weeks to the removal torque of titanium implants with a rough surface.